Some changes for Saturday

Due to high water on Hodges Street, the Village Market will be relocated to the Main Stage area at Freemason Street and South Avenue, the Food Court will be in Lou Mac Park, and the Festival Information Booth will be at the Transportation Hub at Main and Broad streets. The Old Hotel at Broad and Hodges will remain as a porch venue; a search for a new venue for the group at the Village Gallery is under way. Also, revisions to the festival map on this website will be made by tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Some changes for Saturday

  1. Dottie Osmun says:

    This looks fine. Would you believe the water level this afternoon!!! BUT the forecast still looks as if the water will rise. I hope I have made the right decision. Dottie

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  2. This was a fantastic show. We were vendors and did very well. It would not have been anywhere near as good on Hodges St. Please keep the Village Market at the Main Stage. The bands were great, the people great and the sales great. See you next year.


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