Free Parking is available along most streets in Oriental and in four lots (see map below).  For street parking, we ask that you pull your vehicle off the street all the way onto the grass to allow room for emergency vehicles to pass.

Closed Streets The following streets will be closed during the festival on Saturday:
– South Avenue between Wall Street and Mildred Street
– Main Street between First Avenue and South Avenue
– Neuse Street between First Avenue and South Avenue
– Freemason Street between First Avenue and South Avenue
– Mildred Street between First Avenue and South Avenue
(Note: First Avenue will remain open)

Limited free parking will be available in these four lots:
1. Corner of 3rd Avenue and Church Street across from Oriental United Methodist Church (GPS: 404 Freemason St. Oriental)
2. Corner of Church and Factory streets, catty corner from the Methodist church
3. Across from the First Baptist Church, 605 Broad St.
4. Behind Mariner Realty, 704 Broad St.

Marked Handicapped Parking spots will be available along 3rd Avenue in front of the Oriental United Methodist Church. Attendants will be available to assist.

A Transportation Hub is located adjacent to the Oriental United Methodist Church on 3rd Avenue. Courtesy Golf Cart Shuttles will operate on Saturday on a designated route around the Festival for those needing assistance.

A bicycle is a great way to get around the Festival. And it’s easy to park!


To view the full Festival Map, which includes the Courtesy Shuttle route and all porch locations, go here.