The Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival is only made possible because of the thousands of hours contributed by our volunteers.  Thanks to the OFPMF Steering Committee for their guidance and to the wonderful dedicated OFPMF volunteers who work hard before, during, and after the festival.

If you’d like to join the OFPMF team, go here and click on “2017 Volunteer Application.” And when you see a volunteer at the festival, please thank them for helping to bring this fabulous event to our town.

 OFPMF Steering Committee

Allen Price, Bruce Miller, Carl Crothers, Dawn Hoyle, Donna Luh, Dottie Osmun, Doug Sligh, Leslie Kellenberger, and Melinda Penkava

OFPMF Events Committee

Dottie Osmun, Allen Price, Barbara Venturi, Bill Wheeler, Bruce Miller, Carl Crothers, Dawn Hoyle, Diane Miller, Donna Crothers, Donna Luh, Doug Sligh, Ernie Glass, Gina Gilgo, Leigh Price, Leslie Kellenberger, Mary Ann Parham, Melinda Penkava, Rosalyn Kutchins, Terry Halpern, and Trish Mead

Button Sales

Dottie Osmun, Asa Gatlin, Beth Michne, Carl Crothers, Claudia Bemis, Dawn Hoyle, Dick Osmun, Dixie Gatlin, Donna Crothers, Dottie Gallagher, Donna Luh, Gina Gilgo, Inland Waterway Provision. Co, Joanne Hurley, Leigh Price, Leslie Kellenberger, Marsha’s Cottage, Mary Boudreault, Nancy Drexler, Nautical Wheelers, Oriental Deli & Subs, Sally Belangia, Trish Mead, Wally Umbach


 Dottie Osmun, Oriental Rotary Club/Charles Stackhouse


Leslie Kellenberger (Treasurer)

Food Park

Terry Halpern, Melinda Penkava, Oriental Food Initiative

Info Booth

Dawn Hoyle, Ann Albee, Beth Michne, Bob Lohmar, Cecily Lohmar, Freda Watson, Janet Lind, JoAnn Taylor, Leslie Hammer, Mary Boudreault, Trish Mead, Walter Hoyle

Jim Kellenberger’s OFPMF Grillin’ Team

Fran Hunter, Ellen Chappell, John Chappell, Steve Hunter, Tom Butner, Trish Mead, Kim and Dave Hagarman


Bill Wheeler

Merchandise Design and Sales

Allen Price, Trish Mead, David Paul’s Produce, Inland Waterway Provision Company

Performers and Scheduling

Doug Sligh


Leigh Price, Ann Kellogg, Carol Herman, Cathy Winkler, Cheryl Thompson, Cyndy Little, Dennis Martin, Diane Carbone, Helen Bland, Jack Herman, Jim Durham, Joann Caskey, Joanne Hurley, John Phillips, Lynn Durham, Katherine Reardon, Kathy Bruce, Kathy Ruppert, Lynn Murray, Marjorie Dufek, Mary Duffie, Mary Maxwell, Penny Flaherty, Sally Farrell, Ray Ruppert, Roberta Jones, Wally Umbach


Donna Luh


Carl Crothers, Dawn Hoyle, Asa Gatlin, Bonnie Kedjierski, Bryan White, Claire Pittman, David Bland, Dixie Gatlin, Donna Luh, Dottie Osmun, Ernie Glass, Helen Bland, Jerry Luh, Kerstin Johnson, Mary Duffie, Trish Mead, Walter Hoyle, Warren Johnson


Carl Crothers

 Rainy Day Plan

Mary Ann Parham


Jayne Stasser, John Bloom


Walter Hoyle, Cheryl Thompson, Gary Sheffer, Jack Bond, Jerry Luh, Ned Albee


Barbara Venturi, Carl Crothers, Donna Luh, Jeanne Robertson, Trish Mead

Sponsor Team

 Donna Crothers, Bruce Miller, Cathy Dunbar, Sandy VanHook, Sharon Stephenson

Theater Team

Angie Propst, Elise Tierney, Elizabeth Valassis, Fay Bond, John Valassis, Syd Scott, Terrell Scott, Trish Mead

Ticket Sales

Angie Propst, Dottie Osmun, Nautical Wheelers, Patty Rosencrantz


Ernie Glass, Al McCulloch, Alice Petree, Allen Price, Bob Arrington, Bruce Miller, Buck O’Neil, Catherine Baxley, Doug Carmichael, Gina Gilgo, Heart Works, Jeanne Robertson, Jerry Morgan, Mac Ernest, Peg Witt, Pete Stevenson, Polly Taylor, Roger Hammer, Sid Scott, Terrell Scott, Tom McElroy, Walter Hoyle, Walter Brown, Warren Johnson

Vendor Team

Rosalyn Kutchins, Lor Kutchins

Volunteer Team

Dawn Hoyle, Judy Styron, Ned Albee


Carl Crothers